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Massge Fundamentals for the Practitioner

Program Description                                              
This course provides an introduction to massage, its history, development, current application and benefits. Students learn basic techniques and are aware of endangerment zones and contraindications. Hygiene is stressed. Emphasis is placed on developing the ability to perform simple masages in a proper setting in an informed manner. The student develops an understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Additional emphasis is placed on understanding muscular structure and its importance in massage therapy. Forty percent of the instuction addresses anatomy and physiology, health and hygiene, contraindications, and business and ethics.

Program Length: 250 hours


                                  Massage Fundamentals for the Practitioner

                  Course Name                                                    Course Hours

1   Fundamental TCM Theory & Diagnosis                                 15
2   Anatomy & Physiology                                                            58
3   Tui Na Techniques                                                                 50
4   Meridian & Acupoints                                                              15
5   Treatment of Common Ailments                                              50
6   Massage Contraindications                                                     20
7   Health & Hygiene                                                                    15
8   Ethics & Business Management                                             17
9   Qigong & Taiji                                                                         10


Program Description
The massage therapy program develops great understanding of massage theory and techniques including Swedish relaxation massage. Draping, seated massage, the use of oils and client care are covered. Skill in the delivery of deep tissue therapy is developed so as to facilitate both structural and functional changes in the body. Students learn to recognize, assess and treat common musculoskeletal pathologies, identify dysfunctions and create treatment plans. 

Program Length      250 Hours


                                       Massage Therapy

                  Course Name                                                    Course Hours

1   Advanced Diagnosis & Treatment                                           85
2   Advanced Tui Na Application                                                  85
3   Anatomy & Physiology II                                                          50
4   Massage Contraindications II                                                   7
5   Health & Hygiene II                                                                  8
6   Ethics & Business Management                                             15

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